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Purification and Generation of energy in Yogic Bodies and Chakras

Starting November 5th 2022
Ending January 21st 2023

10 Sessions | LIVE ONLINE
2 hours sessions every Saturday

8:30 am to 10:30 am (UK time) | £175
9:30am to 11:30 am (Central European time) €200
1 pm to 3 pm (India time) Rs16,000 INR

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Inspired by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, TIME meditation means Transformational Integral Meditation Education. It combines physical meditation, prana meditation, mind meditation and psychic meditation as well as other techniques aimed at transforming oneself and connecting one with the higher Self. TIME Meditation leads to a permanent shift in consciousness that is moving and transcending continuously towards the larger truths of life.

TIME Meditation focuses on creating full awareness of each of our four bodies, to bring awareness of our true inner nature.

TIME Meditation is an exponent of Transformational Yoga® which was created by Swami Vidyanand in 2004. Since, there have been over one thousand teachers trained in this system and several thousand practitioners world wide.

Who am i? What is my aim?
TIME Meditation is instrumental in providing clarity on these key questions that propel one in the right direction in our spiritual journey on earth.

To enable this realization, we need to clear blockages and purify our bodies. We learn about the seven chakras and their relationships to our five bodies, whilst identifying and clearing blockages in the chakras.

TIME Meditation is a very practical and simple technique that has profound effects on the practioner. It is an experience that one has to have contact with, not just a technique or philosophy. It is something that must be experienced first under the direct guidance of a competent teacher, followed by sincere and dedicated practice of the prescribed measures.

Traditionally, meditation is a part of Raja Yoga. Over the years, yogis have tried to achieve enlightenment of the mind through meditation. But in order to bring a truly permanent and definitive Transformation, one has to look beyond just the mind. Simply meditating on the thoughts, breath, sound or senses, or just plain silence is not enough. TIME Meditation helps us discover ourselves beyond the mind, body and vital (energy). One has to dive into the depths one’s being and try to truly understand who we are and what is our purpose. This cannot be done only by a one aspect of meditation.

TIME Meditation uses:
Physical Meditation
Prana Meditation
Mental Meditation
Psychic Meditation
Still Meditation
Dynamic Meditation

This system of purification focuses on intensive cleaning of the four lower chakras – our ‘false’ un-transformed (apara) self. This enables the energy to be released to the four higher chakras – our pure, transformed (para) soul, and thereby the connection to be made to the higher self.

Created by Swami Vidyanand, TIME Meditation synthesises techniques of a variety of yogic systems to bring about rapid transformation. It aims to awaken all five bodies and seven chakras in order to experience a continuous state of physical health and stamina, emotional balance, higher mental guidance, unconditional love, faith and spiritual bliss consciousness.

It brings forth the clarity of our pure being and an understanding of the aims and goals set for us by the Divine, transcending space, time and the conditions of the body, energy and mind.

“It provides the methodology for a fast-track and multidimensional self-purification, at the core of which is the theory that underpins the practice. To yoga practitioners, some of this will be familiar, and some will be new.

TIME Meditation enables direct connection with the higher self, bringing true wisdom and enlightenment. During this time, your focus is on you inner self. The practice is simple and can be followed by people of all ages and body types.

It is very important that one tries to focus on the inner self, as it will soon follow, that after this cleaning, your ‘external life’ will also benefit. This is the development of true inner wisdom which adds to your personal presence and magnetism. For most people, the practice takes 10-40 days to complete, depending on the individual practitioner and their state of readiness. The method is of course, only the starting point – after that it is up to the individual to make this happen, and it will take discipline, time, concentration and hard work.” – Swami Vidyanand