Lakshya Chauhan has been practising yoga& meditation since his last five years. His yoga practise is quiet and tranquil but very effective and has had the good to learn and train with excellent yoga instructors and a very good yoga therapist. He has learned all forms of yoga (transformational yoga, hatha yoga, asthenia yoga. vinyasa flow, raj yoga, prana yoga, bhakti yoga) & become 500 level course under the guidance of Arjun Goswami guru ji (CEO of yoga alliance international yoga). He has also done 1 month and 3 month course from Morarji Desai national institute of yoga. These courses strengthened his knowledge in teaching a wide array of yoga styles to practitioners of all levels. Through his worldly experiences, he sees how yoga can benefit everyone by improving the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each individual. With much love and joy, he safely instructs his student to flow mindfully through his inspirational classes, bringing their body mind and soul in balance. He has successfully lead institute of yoga. He has successfully lead corporate yoga, gyms, & teacher trainings in Srima International School & Etc.