Arjun goswami


Grandmaster Arjun Goswami is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual yogic master and visionary. He has been practicing yoga & meditation since his childhood and become a certified Grandmaster under the guidance of World renowned Master Sri Swami Vidyanand Ji (Founder & President of Yoga Alliance International & Srima School of Transformational Yoga India). He has learned all major forms of Yoga like Transformational Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Astanga-Vinyasa Flow, Raj Yoga, Prana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Healing, Chair Yoga, Corporate Yoga & Yoga Therapy.
He is presently working as a Teacher’s Trainer & has travelled many parts of Europe & Asia to promote all the authentic, Traditional & modern studies of Transformational Yoga. In 2018 he went to China to setup the new branch of Yoga alliance International in Nanjing for the first time. His mission and vision is to aid people with the tools and learnings to “live their best potential life” through yoga and spirituality.