Kids Yoga

About Kids Yoga

Kids are like clay, they will mould the way you want them to. Childhood is the best time to introduce your kids to yoga as this helps them form a base for a better, healthier and happier life ahead. Yoga for kids is a great way to incorporate fun activity in their everyday life. Yoga not only helps your kids on a physical level by making them more flexible and strong but also works on their immunity, thus ensuring lesser visits to the doctor and fewer off days from school. Regular yoga practice enhances their creativity and boosts their confidence. It also helps kids to work on their focus and body-mind connection thus ensuring better concentration..

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is extremely beneficial for kids because it not only promotes being active but also provides a platform to deal with complex emotions. Yoga is very personal, and it emphasizes self-reflection through practice. As you practice more and more you start to see results and begin to focus on them as opposed to the self-doubt that we all have in the back of our minds.<br><br>

As children grow up, it is our responsibility to teach them how to deal with their emotions and overcome diversity. Yoga is inclusive and provides an excellent platform for this whether it is the more meditative part or the physical part.

Families benefit greatly from their children practicing yoga. We are in a technological age that makes distraction very easy, especially to young minds. By practicing yoga, your child will be encouraged to be active, focus more in school and hopefully more inclined to better communicate feelings with family members. The beauty of yoga is that every time you practice, you learn something about yourself and it challenges you to do better in your life.

Mindfulness is being aware of one’s thoughts and thought processes. By paying attention to your own thought process, you can understand why something makes you feel a certain way. This practice is great to start early in life, especially in adolescence since many emotions can be new and overwhelming. Mindfulness is good in times of sadness, anger, stress or even happiness. Mindfulness can also help your child to consider how do their actions affect others.

Breath can flow in many ways through the body. Special breathing techniques are beneficial because they teach children to channel their breath to work for them in situations of stress or relaxation. Breath can be moved, slowed down, quickened or deepened depending on what you are trying to achieve. A common example is quick short breaths during childbirth to allow a rush of oxygen and energy to the mother and child.