About Grandmaster Level Yoga Teacher Training

An experience-based course conducted by Swami Vidyanand with the purpose of initiating advanced yoga practitioners to the mechanisms of energy generation in every dimensions of existence and guiding them to communicate with the eternal dimensions of Consciousness.

The Grand Master of Yoga course intends to take us away from books knowledge and closer to the essence and true purpose of Yoga: awaken of the inner energy to establish a genuine connection with the eternal dimensions and experience integral Samadhi in every aspect of ordinary life.

The true purpose of this course is to give keys to the expression of the eternal consciousness in practical life.

    Along this course, Swami Vidyanand will give clarity on the following topics:

The inner mechanisms of the physical body through the practice of Hatha Yoga asanas, focusing on the relationship between Mooladhara and Sahasrara chakras and linking with Annamaya kosha.

The inner mechanisms of the prana body through the practice of prana yoga and pranayama. Study of the relationship between Swadisthana and Agya chakras and linking it with Pranamaya kosha.

The inner mechanisms of the mental body through the practice of mental awareness and meditation. Focus on the relationship between Manipura and Vishuddi chakras and the Manomaya kosha.

The inner mechanisms of the psychic body through the practice of mantras and devotional meditation. In depth study of Anahata chakra and its relation to Vugyanamaya kosha.

The science of integral energy circulation: understanding the lower dimensions of existence, the manifestation of the higher consciousness and Anandamaya kosha in practical life.

Admission to this course only from 500 hours of certification and on individual interview basis.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a double Grand Master certification from Yoga Alliance International® and World Yoga Federation® and be able to teach all over the world.

For more information please email us at srima.swami@gmail.com

Notes : Session dates and timings determined after Interview Process